bailey. (peaceaholic) wrote,


So i have YET to figure out, WHY i'm taking classes during the summer? Yeah, don't ask why. Like i just said, i don't know:/ Anyways, this week has been eventful, actually all of summer has been eventful. I've done anything & everything i could think of.

I already know my classes for next year, great huh? i'm such a nerd when it comes to this stuff. AP american history, AP psychology, algebra2 honors, anatomy and phsyology(sp?) honors, french 2, health science 2, and intensive reading; cause i didn't pass our fcats( florida aptitude test you need to pass to graduate). Yeah, my report card consisted of 5 b's and 2 c's:] yay! for baylee.

My exams were good, all 4 b's, 2 c's, and 1 f(ugh), but a passing f[above 50%] lol. When i said that too my mom, she looked at me and was like 'whats a passing f?' GPA is no longer a 1.8(like last year), now its a 2.6 not much better:/ but almost a 3.0:]. I don't care as long as a graduate w/ above a 3.0 i'm happpyyy:]] hah.

Anyways, i'm volunteering at the hospital on Wednesdays & Thursdays! hell yeahhh:]]]. Surgical Services + Mother/Baby unit. That i am pretty stoked about. However, i've gotta tear myself away from the computer & play some video games. <33
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